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More Labyrinth Jacket!

So! The Labyrinth is Finished! (I finished awhile ago but my camera decided to rebel on me)

I’m also done the cuffs, collar, grafting, and pockets… Once the sleeves are done I May put more pockets on the inside. I will then be putting the buckles on and dying the whole thing. I even had the sleeves done but decided to change how I’m doing them midway… I mean, they call me distracted for no reason…



Labyrinth Jacket 2

So the Labyrinth is halfway done! However, the jacket body is only about a third finished.
Pretty soon I’ll get to separate the left and right fronts from the back to shape the armpits, shoulders and collar.
Then its pocket and sleeve time.

I have to say that I can’t Wait to dye it! The brightness of the orange is nifty for showing the work I’ve done but would Not appeal to me for day to day wear.
Oh well, I’m glad things are going well with this endeavor *knocks on wood*

Labyrinth Jacket Pt. 2

Okay… I’ve been working on the jacket but due to a math error I had to re-start it. I also had to finish up a couple minor commissions (patches & tailoring a suit jacket) I got distracted.
What a surprise! Me? Distracted? Never!
Anyways I’ve just made the first of at least 5 straps in the forest green and I’ll be starting the Actual labyrinth in about 12 rows. Yay!
Don’t forget I’m Not keeping the coat a hideous orange! It will be Super dark brown. Like coffee. Cuz I like coffee. A lot. *Noms*

Labyrinth Jacket

Many moons ago, in a far off place (ie: when I was a dispatcher for Securiguard) I saw a pattern for a cardigan on I can no longer find the pattern (or I’d link it or provide better info) but in the write-up the author said that she took a design course that started with them all standing up and saying, “I promise I will never, ever make a boring back!”
Many a lovely design is spoiled by being dull when you turn around. Ironically enough I remember the front of this garment being rather staid. However the back had some amazing colourwork (in a style called intarsia) that made me think of mazes and labyrinths.
This jacket will be a civil war era style front but with buckles instead of buttons and Huge patch pockets in the front. (Inspiration from here: However it will also be closeable, slightly felted with different cuffs and collar)
There will be a functional Labyrinth knitted into the back. By funtional I mean you can get stoned and follow the path.
Before you depressed at the orangey-beige colour I should tell you that yarn is made of a silk/cotton combo and the accents will be in a fuzzy, acrylic dark forest green. Once the jacket is knitted I’m gonna throw the whole deal into a vat of dark coffee coloured dye. The test swatch in the corner is a decent example but I’ll make it darker still. As you can see the acrylic won’t change colour, knits up to the same gauge and elasticity (when using needles a bit too small which works for the silk/cotton) and has a unique texture.

Well hello all my Lovelies, I am a Super late bunny but here’s one of many finished projects I’ve done in the last few months.
Its the 2nd of the 2 beanies I was commissioned to make. Same shape as the previous but with a “tiled” texture. I just used simple colourwork with a checker texture pattern I got from an old sweater pattern.
The recipient of the hat was a tiler by trade so I wanted something masculine but (to me) representative of his art.
More to come!


Okay, so this isn’t Technically a project that’s for someone or for sale.

But I think I’m cool so… Too bad.

I was priviliged enough to get to be a part of a freak show for the opening of a store called Sideshow Sam’s. I was the Insectoid and this was the makeup I did for it.

I also have another show happening in about a week so I’ll try and post more pics of work that I do of that nature.

Anyway, please feedback! ❤

Yup. I do like the 1600’s…

I Did finish the last one! I just keep forgetting to photo it!
Anyways. I Adore the structured style of the 20’s-50’s mens clothing.
I am a Suit-fag. I am Proud of it.
However I have a permanently disheveled appearance. Partly because I’m a clutz and partly because I’m always doing Something.
So I’m trying to imcorporate that into my appearance without looking like a ruffian. Combine that with obsessive tendencies towards making things from scratch (I blame the parents) and a new found love of 1600’s – early 1800’s. This vest was partly inspired by Pirates of the Carribean 1 (Orlando Bloom’s vest) and partly by the success of the Woven Bondage gear.
The vest is knit sideways using what’s called “linen” stitch and some cables I found in a stitch book. (Knitting sidways I learnd frome the book “Dominitrix” and the stitch book was “Over 100 Knit Stitches)
I used “provisonal” or “crochet” cast on and started at the underarm. The reason I did this was to be able to pick up those stitches later. I want to make the cables seem to wrap around my whole torso then buckle closed.
Maybe I should make a strait jacket?
Anyways, and asymetrical closing in front and partial tails in the back will hopefully finish off the “bound” look.
Feed back is, as ever, welcome.

Still Existing. Apparently

This is another commission only for my Step-Mom. Its recycled acrylic (as in it was gonna get tossed and I salvaged it). Originally this was gonna be my “portable” project but crazy stuff keeps happening to it so now it stays home. (I always like to have a project for the bus and then several at home).

Anyway, it will be a halter with a hood attachment and a wide band up the back to facilitate a racer-back bra. The original pattern is Also from and is called “Cochela”. Nifty story by the designer on how she came up with the pattern and the name on the site too.
It didn’t have a hood in the pattern and its a basic top-down, stocking stitch but I wanted to jazz it up. The colour/texture of the yarn I chose is better suited to simple patterns so I had to scrap my original master plans for a lace panel in the centre front. But I’ll do another in a lace-weight I’m sure. I Was able to do a cable pattern Quite nicely and (although only the begining is currently visible) I started it where the band to conceal the bra is.
The cables will travel down the centre back of the garment and up the centre of the hood. I gotta work fast so hopefully we’ll see completion soon!

Still Existing. Apparently

So I think the dying process went well… Seeing as how that’s the grey beanie from last post. Too bad the cables aren’t as obvious but it’ll look great on him!

Still Existing. Apparently

Finished Beanie #1!

Yup. ‘T is done.
I need to dye it black but its Done!
I’m missing my head (and my torso… Maybe they ran off together?)So I put it on my own. His head is about 1cm (1/2 inch) wider and longer on top so it’ll fit him lovely! On me its Slightly too big.
Oh well, that’s how easy it is!

Still Existing. Apparently